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Cheap land is NOT Better!

Anyone browsing this site is seeking the American Dream.  Buy land, drill the well, build a home, drop a manufactured home  or just develop a small campsite to break away from city life.  Land in the High Desert is plentiful, but not all areas are the same.  With the increased technology and the expansion of the local MLS into the statewide CRMLS, everyone has access to land listings.  However, this has created a knowledge gap between Realtors an water well professionals.  I receive calls on a regular basis from people who bought a "great little piece of land" for a great price not knowing that the water in that area has more salt than the Salton Sea.  This page is simply to give you the best areas to buy, build, and drill in Apple Valley and Lucerne Valley. My goal is to help you avoid costly mistakes by highlighting areas suitable for development.  


Lucerne Valley

Lucerne Valley has great water.  The best water area in the region is West of the 4-way stop and South of Highway 18.  Drilling is faster and cheaper as the wells average 200ft close to the highway to a maximum depth of 300ft.  The worst area to drill is the North Valley. Wells in the North Valley are 400-500feet deep and generally have poor production.  North Valley wells also are known to have high sulfur and salt content making the water undrinkable.  Land in these marginal areas will appear cheaper and a "good deal" but will present development challenges as the drilling cost can be high.

Apple Valley

Apple Valley has some great places to live.  When speaking of water, of course anything close to the river is best.  Deep Creek has higher priced lots, but wells can flow up to 100gpm or more.  The Deep Creek highlands South of Rock springs is getting weaker as wells have been drying up due to over pumping by the managing Agency.  The next best place for water is Sycamore Rocks, west of the Fairview Valley canyon.  Water is sweet and plentiful.  Pushing back to the East yields problematic drilling as depths approach 600ft and only produce 5gpm.  The number 1 place to stay away from is Apple Valley Airport - East Side along Central.  There is very little water there.  Many clients have purchased and spent thousands on drilling only to have a dry hole on their property.  Views are beautiful, but the area is deceiving to developers.  

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