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Well Inspection Overview

Water Well Inspection vs. Certification: Understanding the Difference for Your Home

What is a Water Well Inspection?

  • A water well inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a private well system to ensure it meets safety and quality standards for drinking water in your local County.

  • It is typically required by lenders when a property with a well is being sold.


What Does a Water Well Inspection Include?

  • Your inspection will generally cover the following:

    • Plumbing system inspection

    • Electrical system inspection

    • Overall well construction

    • Pump performance

    • Water well productivity test

    • Water quality testing for contaminants like bacteria, nitrates, and other harmful substances.


Why is a Water Well Inspection Important?

  • A well inspection provides assurance that your water source is safe and functional.

  • It can identify potential problems that could impact the well's performance and your health.

  • Deal Breakers That Could Affect Your Real Estate Transaction:

    • Low yielding well – it usually gets worse over time, not better

    • Property Lines, the wells are occasionally found to be on the wrong side of the lot line

    • Hauled water – fake well. If the well is dry, homeowners can purchase water from a truck and fill the tank to make it look like everything is working properly

    • Vandalism – bad tenants often drop pipes, wood, and rocks in well to destroy them. There is no reasonable remedy for this.

    • Community / Shared Wells without a proper budget for repairs

    • Salt – lake bed areas have a high sulfur and sodium content making the water undrinkable and often unusable for laundry or even irrigation

    • Proximity to Gas Stations – Gas tanks leak and may often result in illnesses such as cancer. 


What is Water Well Certification and How Does It Differ from Inspection?

While the terms "well certification" and "well inspection" are sometimes used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings.

  • A water well inspection is a comprehensive assessment of your well's productivity and overall function. It determines if the well produces sufficient water for your needs and identifies any potential problems that could affect the quality of your water or the well's long-term performance.

  • A water well certification is a process that verifies a well system has been constructed and maintained according to specific standards, often related to sustainability or environmental impact. In Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Big Bear, Barstow, and other Southern California Counties, certifications are typically required by lenders who want to verify there is sufficient and safe water supply to the home. 


Local Authority for Well Inspections

  • Understanding the current and historical codes that apply to your well is essential for ensuring its safety and compliance. As your local well inspection experts, we have in-depth knowledge of State regulations and can thoroughly assess your well system.

Cost of a Water Well Inspection

The cost of a water well inspection in San Bernardino can vary depending on the depth of the well, complexity of the system, and the scope of testing. Costs typically start at around $600 for a standard inspection, but it can run more based on your property…

Protect your investment and ensure the safety of your drinking water. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive well inspection!

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