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Regarding Google....

As we enter into the age of instant input, Google has become a major player in the advertising arena.  What we have encountered with Google is that it gives a voice to  generally bad people.   This is America and I believe I  have a right to choose my clients just as you have a right to choose your contractor.  I have been providing personalized service for 20 years now - having weathered the good times and bad with my faithful clients.  

As with most companies, we have and mixture of good and bad reviews.  The unique thing about the bad reviews is that we have never worked for any of those people on a contractual basis and never charged them a dime.  But Google doesn't care.  For one reason or anther, those clients needs were not met an they felt offended.  During one season, I was in the hospital and received a poor review because I didn't answer the phone.  During another season, the customers well was vandalized beyond repair and the client got offended because we could not fix it.  And yet another season, I chose not to work for an asshole.  But Google didn't ask me!  

Bottom line, please give me a fair chance and understand the context and circumstances before jumping on to make a review.  We would not still be in business with a growing waiting list if our overall model was one of "horrible customer service."  We get many robo calls that occasionally fill up the voicemail.  If that's the case, send me a text.  If I'm actually on the drilling rig, I will not answer the phone because it's a safety hazard - send a text.  

We strive on a daily basis to make sure each clients needs are met.  If you have received excellent customer service, please make a review.  If you were offended somehow, please call me and share with me what your concerns are and allow me a chance to correct the issue and make right any wrong.  This is the American Way.  

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